The Benefits of Advocacy

One of the RMTAO’s goals in advocacy is to engage with the government to promote the importance of massage therapy for the health and well-being of Canadians and push for the general interests of RMTs in Ontario. Success in this goal will lead to more people having a greater understanding of the benefits of massage therapy and the ways massage therapy can help them. This greater understanding and support can lead more people to seek massage therapy care and make massage therapy more accessible, ultimately leading to more business for RMTs. Michael Feraday, the Executive Director of the RMTAO, will be speaking about some of the RMTAO’s advocacy efforts and how those efforts can impact RMTs directly in their practice. Massage therapy is increasing in popularity and is one of the most used paramedical benefits, and this shows a recognition by the public of the benefits of massage therapy. Michael will be speaking about the RMTAO’s efforts to increase that recognition as well as make massage therapy more accessible. For example, the RMTAO is advocating with health leaders to integrate RMTs in provincially funded health teams like Ontario Health Teams, Family Health Teams and Community Health Teams, which are all areas where other health professionals work. Inclusion in these teams will increase awareness of value of RMTs as health professionals and give the public yet another way to access massage therapy care.

Michael Feraday is the Executive Director and CEO of the RMTAO. He has over 30 years’ experience in senior leadership roles, most recently as Executive Director of the Haldimand Family Health Team. He is also Co-Chair of an Ontario Health Team and has been very active supporting reforms in Health Care in Ontario.

Lunch Keynote – Making Integrity your Brand: The True Revolution in Business

Canadian educator, author and practicing RMT, Pam Fitch has been helping therapists examine ethical communicative, and professional practice challenges for more than 30 years. Her text, Talking Body Listening Hands, is used as a required text in schools across Canada. Pam maintains a special interest in the effects of complex conditions and trauma on clients.

Design Longevity into Your RMT Practice

Practitioners who squander their work capacity or delivery-of-care design will have trouble mitigating workload for the long haul. Practitioners who practice unsustainable economics, poor delivery of care design and faulty bio-mechanics may suffer a brief, hard and unsatisfying career.

Massage Therapists can enjoy vocational longevity by strategically pricing their services, designing a better delivery-of-care model, nurturing one’s body, utilizing the tools available, and employing secondary streams of income. Join us for a discussion on increasing your vocational longevity.