Don Dillon

Dillon authored the self-study workbook Charting Skills for Massage Therapists and is a columnist for Massage Therapy Canada magazine. Dillon has lectured to MT associations across Canada and is the recipient of the RMTAO’s President’s Award of Merit, two “Hand of Thanks”, and the Ken Rezsnyak award.

His 28+ years of practice include managing a multi-practitioner practice, and active roles with the professional association (RMTAO) in insurer and government relations. Dillon’s recent projects include producing the guide On Practice: From Entry-Level to Established Massage Therapist and co-producing the podcast On the Table for Massage Therapy Canada magazine. Find him at

On Practice: From Entry-Level to Established Massage Therapist

What are the steps in designing and developing a practice? How does a practice become more complex and evolved over time? What foundation must be developed before your practice can progress? How are you challenged to grow personally and professionally as your practice grows?

Three things participants will learn:

  • Identify your purpose in launching a practice, examine your “why”, and recruit your values to design and guide your practice.
  • Consider the fundamentals – define your service, set your pricing, focus the population you will serve, and plan your promotional strategy.
  • Become cognizant of extrinsic forces that affect your practice.

Michael Feraday

Address from the RMTAO Executive Director, Michael Feraday.

Top 3 business challenges faced by RMTAO members

  • How to manage your record keeping obligations while balancing your relationships with patients, other health professionals and other stakeholders
  • How to understand and manage your own finances
  • Important business considerations for the self-employed and/or business owner

KEYNOTE: Pamela Fitch

Author of Talking Body, Listening Hands: A Guide to the Massage Therapeutic Relationships

Making Integrity your Brand: The True Revolution in Business

  • Recognize how to find answers to ethical challenges, no matter how complex the problem.
  • In the face of so many frightening and disturbing current events, massage therapy can provide an antidote to mistrust and fear.
  • When therapists make integrity and compassion part of their professional brand, they demonstrate their commitment to trustworthiness and client-centered care.